“I just had one of the most enjoyable, exciting relaxing, intoxicating afternoons I have had in a long time.
Violet has a carefree, almost feline sensuality, and the most wonderful ability to completely immerse herself in the moment and the sensation - and take you along with her.
Simply captivating . I hope to be able to experience this with her again soon”
- M

"My first glimpse of Violet was an image on a tweet, and from that moment I knew I had to see more of this truly spectacular lady. Her beauty totally captivated me, from her Mona Lisa smile, through her lush and glorious figure, to her natural hair. In the process of reading through her timeline to see more of her, and then interacting with her on Twitter, I discovered that it isn't just her exterior that is beautiful, her personality is a match, and I had to see her.

I've seen Violet twice now, and have plans for more. Each time, I spend our time together with a vague feeling I must have entered an alternative universe; one designed and run by the most benevolent possible deities--to be spending time with such a magnificent woman, talking about so many things, and making love like I have always felt it should be but so rarely is, seems like a waking dream. If you are fortunate enough to have the chance to see Violet in person, don't miss the chance. It's the opportunity of a lifetime."

""Rarely do we get to meet someone who in a moment changes our life. To be able to do that without making you regret the past, but instead to see the joys of the future to come makes them priceless. Violet is one such rare and priceless individual. Xox" - D.G.

"This young lady is pure quality . What a body! I've only been with her once but I've booked my second appointment . Violet has what you need, class, she is genuine, immaculate, and when she looks into your eyes, you know you're alive. Dudes, trust me, this girl will make you happy." - Tony