I have always been fascinated by my own body and the sensations that it could feel. From a very young age, I was aware of my sensitivity to touch, and would spend hours alone trying to find different ways to give myself goosebumps. As I grew older, I discovered even more about my own sexuality and ways to seek pleasure. I had my first orgasm, I began experimenting and playing with people of other genders and of the same gender as me, and eventually had sex for the first time. I learnt that not only did I love sharing sensual experiences with others, but that I had a knack for bringing them pleasure.  It became clear to me that turning these interests and abilities into my occupation could bring myself and others joy, clarity, improved self esteem and a form of escapism. This journey is ongoing, and the more I learn about desire and sexuality, the more I realise there is to learn. Each body and mind is unique, and I believe that it is my calling to bring fantasies to life and show people pleasure that they did not know existed.