The Reason That I Decided To Make Porn + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

A little over two years ago, I was an artist putting myself through university and working to pay the bills in a miserable job. I traveled every day for two years to a high rise building in Melbourne’s CBD to sit in an isolated booth under harsh fluorescent lights and stare into a computer monitor, repetitively typing and making calls, never being challenged. I had skills that I valued deeply, I was creative, sensitive, I had integrity, I was emotionally intelligent and compassionate, however, these skills were not valued in this workplace. My bathroom breaks were timed by my manager, I wasn’t permitted to go outside during my lunch break and I was regularly verbally abused by clients over the phone. It was by far the most degrading job I’ve ever had.

In a moment of frustration and hopelessness, I began to fantasise about sex work. I had seen some of my friends succeed in the industry, and they seemed to be financially secure and independent. I spoke to a close family member, my partner at the time, and a couple of close friends in the industry, and with their advice, concern and support I took the leap.

I began escorting. It was challenging, and I felt that my skills were finally being put to good use. I could empathise with my clients, I could connect with them physically and emotionally, and use my vulnerability to put them at ease with their own. I was not only enjoying the work, but I was able to earn a wage that I could survive off of, and I had freedom and time to care for myself, my relationships and my community.

One worried family member told me that their main concern was that I would one day no longer be young and beautiful, which from their point of view would mean that I would no longer be desirable within the industry. I knew otherwise. In my opinion, youth and conventional beauty have nothing to do with someone’s ability to be sexy and get you off... but all the same, and for different reasons to them, I did share their concerns about the sustainability of the job. For instance, how I would support myself if I were ill or if I were injured? I realised that making porn could be a solution to these problems.

Once I decided I would start making porn, it made so much sense to me. I love to create, to learn new skills, to perform, not to mention the obvious: I love sex. I started by gaining experience by performing for established production houses such as Feck, Girls Out West, Yanks, Ersties and Abby Winters, all the while learning what I could on set, teaching myself how to use photography and video equipment and learning how to edit.

Finally now, two years into my time as a sex worker, I’m overjoyed to announce that I have begun to create my own independent content! 

I am launching my clip store on ManyVids today, which features a free never before seen video from my birthday, and my very first steamy self shot, self edited, self starring solo scene. This woman is self made, baby!

Click HERE see what I’ve made and come with me on this journey as I learn to express my wildest fantasies and deepest pleasures through film.