long, dark brown hair

deep brown eyes

5' 2"

27"- 24"- 26"

natural bush and underarms




Revel in the beauty of nature and connect on a primal level with natural beauty, Violet Russo.

 Alluring and enigmatic from a distance, open, warm and sensual up close, I yearn to make your fantasies come true. Always in pursuit of new knowledge in the arts of sex, I'm fascinated by human desire, love and attraction. I don't just provide sex, I'm a purveyor of pleasure.

An experience with me is entirely spontaneous, intuitive and tailored to the unique connection that you and I will share. It will be a romantic journey that you never imagined possible. During our time, you are my sole focus, my attention will be totally devoted to you. Relax into my arms and allow me to put you at ease with my erotic touch. Breathe in the scent of my natural pheromones and find comfort and peace in my soft and welcoming feminine body. Allow yourself to be intrigued by my soft natural body hair, and feel it curl between your fingers.

I invite you to forget the past and disregard what is to come, and join me in sinking into the pleasure of the present.