Violet Russo

Luxury companion and performer

Violet Russo is an Australian touring companion and performer.



long, dark brown hair

deep brown eyes

5' 2"

27"- 24"- 26"

natural bush and underarms




If you've not had the pleasure of my company yet, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Violet Russo, and I am a luxury companion and porn performer from Australia. Alluring and enigmatic from a distance, open, warm and sensual up close, I yearn to make your fantasies come true. Always in pursuit of new knowledge in the arts of sex, I'm fascinated by human desire, love and attraction. I don't just provide sex, I'm a purveyor of pleasure. The more that I discover about desire and sexuality, the more I realise there is to discover. Each body and mind is unique, and I believe that it is my calling to bring fantasies to life and show people pleasure that they did not know existed.

SWA 10695XE